Individual Counseling/Coaching

Have you come to a fork in the road? Are you feeling stuck or lost? Are you unhappy? When you begin talking about what you are thinking and feeling with a trained professional you gain new ideas and perspectives, which is the beginning of change!

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Couples/Family Counseling

Family counseling can take many forms. It can be for couples wanting to prepare for marriage, partners who feel "stuck" or want to begin talking about healing their relationship or families that struggle with parenting.

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You have either decided to get a divorce or you are doing some research. There are four ways to get a divorce and mediation will give you and your spouse the freedom of expression and choice.

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Who is Behind Craren Mediation Services, LLC?

Kristen Craren is a graduate of the University of Missouri, Saint Louis. Kristen has been working with children for over a decade, which makes her an expert on how to talk to and build relationships with kids. For as long as she has been working with children, Kristen has studied divorce, blended families and how to make everyone's life easier.

Involvement in the community is important. Being a life long learner, Kristen strives to go above and beyond with continuing education in her area of expertise, as well as broadening her horizons by connecting with professionals which parallel her specialty.

Kristen is an active member of the American Counseling Association of Missouri (ACAM) and has helped educate other counselors on what they need to know about divorce. She is also a member of the Saint Louis Collaborative Family Law Association, which keeps her in contact with the best lawyers and financial professionals  in Saint Louis. This organization also offers free continuing education for their members which is required to be a part of the group.

Broad horizons are something we take pride in at Craren Mediation and Counseling Services, LLC. Kristen is a certified school counselor, certified teacher k-6 as well as a professional community counselor.

You don't have to pick Craren Mediation and Counseling Services, LLC to do counseling or mediation with your family, but whoever you do decide to work with make sure you know who they are, where they come from and what their values and credentials are!

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