Co-Parent Counseling

Co-parenting counseling is essentially the opposite of marriage counseling.

With marriage counseling, parties attempt to save their marriage. With co-parenting counseling, the marriage is over, but the parties still need help in improving their mutual abilities to work together after divorce, as co-functioning, joint parents on child-related issues.

Co-parenting counseling is not designed to unnecessarily dwell on events of the past, or to put blame on either party for the failed marriage or the divorce.

Rather, co-parenting counseling is designed to look forward rather than backward, and to help both parties peacefully co-exist in a way where they can address issues concerning their children without having to endlessly spend time, money, and negative energy on unnecessary battles and repeated return trips to court after divorce.

Typically, your lawyer or a judge will send you to co-parent counseling while you are getting a divorce or during a motion to modify.

Co-parent counseling is an attempt to reduce conflict to mitigate the subsequent mental health issues that spawn from high conflict parenting as well as keep you out of the system.

If you are seeking co-parent counseling for yourself or a client, we have specific clinicians at Archway Therapy to help with that. Please fill out the contact form to reach us and we will get back with you within 24 hours.