Individual Therapy

Patterns Though Life

Have you ever heard of Fibonacci’s Sequence, the golden ratio 1.6180339887…?

A quick internet search will explain that Fibonacci’s Sequence shows that there are patterns that span throughout the universe. Galaxies, flowers, and even the shape of your DNA all correspond to the Golden Ratio.

What about patterns in our inner lives?

I have not yet discovered exactly how the Fibonacci sequence applies to inner lives, but I do see plenty of patterns. Like, if your house is a mess most likely your inner world is a mess or if you feel bad about yourself, your appearance reflects that feeling inside of you.

There are patterns everywhere!

  • What patterns are present that are impacting your quality of life?
  • What is fueling these patterns?
  • How can they be harnessed or extinguished?

Answers to these questions can be discovered through individual counseling.

Reasons people seek individual counseling vary. It could be due to a transitional time of their life like moving, divorce, changing job or wanting to transition their life in a way but they don’t know how to jump from one rock to the next.

Relationship struggles can also fit for individual therapy. Situations like this usually involve working through grief over the end of a relationship and sometimes the need to learn new ways of thinking about relating to others, like a stylistic change.

A great example of this is the movie Hitch! In this movie, Hitch is a match maker who coaches guys on making stylistic changes in their lives to get the outcome they most desire, a loving woman in their lives. He helps these men change small patterns they live by into something more effective.

You may or may not be having trouble finding love, but the same principles apply; make small changes in the pattern, get a new outcome.

Find out what your patterns are today!

Give me a call and we will talk for about 15-20 minutes to see if we would work well together. After that we can set up an appointment in the next week or two, depending on our joint availability.

I look forward to our conversation! Give me a call at 314-482-7510.

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