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Surviving High Conflict Relationships

It’s pretty standard that if you belong in this support group you will know it.

This group is for men and women who may or may not share children with someone they are in near constant conflict with. You know you are one of these people because if you have kids, you are in court frequently, nothing about co-parenting is easy, you may have to use OFW (our family wizard) to communicate and you feel the constant stress and strain of trying to avoid conflict.

You may have been married or not. That does not matter to this group. Some members actually do not have children with their ex but the scars of the relationship are too heavy to bear to work through on their own.

Other clues that you may benefit from this group is the feeling of being crazy, feeling guilt or shame or feeling trapped in relation to this person you were once romantic with.

If you think you or a loved one would benefit from the Surviving High Conflict Relationships Group, please contact us!
  • We screen all our members.
  • Men and women are separated out into different groups.
  • Meetings are currently being held over zoom which allows for total privacy and anonymity- if you choose it.


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