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Welcome to Greenway Therapy! St Louis Therapists You Can Trust!

You have found a St Louis therapy practice filled with therapists of all flavors that will surely meet your needs. We value a few, very simple things; a comfortable environment for clinicians and clients, fast response times, no waiting for appointments and above all, relationships. You are sure to find the right St Louis Therapist for you at Greenway!

Relationships are the foundation of Greenway Therapy.

The relationship our therapy practice builds with YOU is most important AND the relationships we maintain with other mental health professionals and organizations benefit you as well, your care is enhanced by a well-trained, happy therapist and if you find you have needs outside of therapy, you will benefit from the professional connections of our practice. Many of our clients find they are looking for other professionals to complement their process. For example, some clients find they are in need of a divorce attorney, nutritionist, acupuncturist or sometimes a forensic financial analyst. We have a wide array of professional relationships you can benefit from and trust to help meet your goals while you travel on your therapeutic journey.

No guessing, no runarounds, just potential for growth at every turn.

Your care and experience with our therapy practice is our priority. To help get your journey started, click the services tab to see what Greenway Therapy has to offer. You can also click the clinicians tab to “meet” the therapists we have on staff.

You’ve found help.

Here you are, you’ve found the help you need to move forward towards the life you want. Pick up the phone and give us a call.

We are here to help you get through the struggle.

Take the first steps towards ending the cycle.

(800) 353-6402 OR Email Us

St Louis Therapist Dog

Meet our therapy dog, Piper

Helping someone like you is something she loves.

Clients that visit our office find it comforting to have Piper there. She mostly lounges around and tries to get you to throw a ball for her. In her free time, Piper loves running dirt trails, counter surfing for butter and obsessively playing ball. She also loves children because they usually have left over crumbs on their shirt and will typically play with her in the hallway during or after sessions.

Aside from the amazing Piper, We have a fantastic team of therapists available to meet your individual needs. Click the “clinicians” button on the menu to meet the rest of the team.

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