The first place your mind went to was money!

Yes, therapy will cost you some money. With a therapist charging $100 an for a client that attends therapy every week, it would cost $5,200 a year. Other variables to consider are time as well as risk and reward. I tend to think from an abundance perspective, so as a client of therapy my thought process is:

Cost= money

Risk= time, encountering a therapist I don’t like, feeling worse before I get better as I drudge things up I avoid

Reward= learning, positive change, getting what I want, seeing what I like vs what I don’t in a therapist, saying I tried, enjoying life more, connecting with my husband more, having better sex, being a better parent

What would it cost you not to go to therapy?

It depends on your situation. If you are married and needing couples therapy the cost could be your marriage and all the things that encompass that as well as the emotional turmoil after a divorce. The average contested divorce ranges from $15,000-$30,000. On the high end, that is 83% more expensive than going to therapy and working it out. Food for thought. For those of you who are looking into individual therapy, the cost of not going to therapy could be your relationships, kids and your mind! Who knows where else it costs you, maybe that next job opportunity and all the money that could have been made. The areas in your life that poor mental health can impact are abstract, sometimes hard to see. Gain awareness and pay attention to where your mental health struggles are costing you already and that will = your cost of not getting the help you need + future costs.

Take care of yourself.

Hopefully you are taking care of your body by going to the gym, getting a massage or going on vacation. The monetary cost of these things all put together certainly outweigh the monetary cost of weekly therapy session for a whole year. Here are the modestly calculated numbers on the typical self care routine living on a middle class-ish budget:

Gym: $600 year

Massage membership: $500 year

Vacation: $4,000 year

Fun (date nights, friends, outings): $ 6,000

Total: $11,100

Take care of your body AND your mind.

When you take care of your body and mind you get to enjoy all of what life has to offer and become able to mitigate the impact of hard times on your well being. This way of life is very balanced and rewarding for those who choose it.