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How Therapy Helps

Mental health therapy is beneficial for anyone at any time of life. Although most people seek counseling in the midst of a crisis, there is always something mental health therapy can help you grow through.

Self Talk Matters

One of the main ways therapy helps is by changing the stories you tell yourself. For example, “I’ve failed” can be turned into “it will get better”, or “it just didn’t work out” and possibly “I am human and fallible.”

Language Is SO Powerful.

It gives meaning to our entire lives. What you say to yourself will rule your life. It is time to find the power in your own mind and release it. A mental health therapist can help you find your inner strength.


Patterns exist everywhere, even in the pattern of a sunflower. Therapy is helpful in finding patterns in your life. With the help of a skilled therapist, you can begin to identify what you are doing over and over that is hurting your ultimate outcome. Therapy isn’t all about focusing on the negative parts of your story. Building off your already established strengths is inportant too. If you know what is working, you can do it over and over, banking on those strengths and adjusting for the negative.

Therapist Selection

Whichever therapist you choose, you will have never met them. This means what comes from this person will most likely be a new exposure. Exposing yourself to new people and ideas is important for the development of your psyche. This is also a significant part of therapy: one human being affecting another human being. Therefore, making sure the relationship is a good fit is important.

Our therapists will make every effort on the first phone call to ask the right questions to make sure you get the best fit therapist. You will get to ask whatever questions you like as well.



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Customer Reviews

Greenway Therapy
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Ashley Rickert
Ashley Rickert
18:27 01 Mar 21
Working with Ricky, I can tell he is one of the most compassionate people I’ve met. He truly cares for his clients and... goes above and beyond expectations, often spending time dedicating research to best help his clients. He’s extremely down to Earth and all around an enjoyable person!read more
Lauren Richter
Lauren Richter
13:49 18 Feb 21
Ashley is a compassionate and down-to-earth therapist who believes the client is the expert. She sees a variety of age... ranges (children, adolescent, and adults) and tailors her approach to each client. Ashley uses an eclectic approach when working with individuals and often incorporates CBT and person-centered theory. Ashley will be a wonderful addition to the Greenway Therapy team!read more
Erin Watson
Erin Watson
23:56 15 Feb 21
To say I love this place would be an incredible understatement. My 8 yr old daughter sees Ricky, and he is by far the... BEST we have been with. Life changing!! I’ve seen incredible improvements since we began going, and I have peace of mind, which for a mother, is absolutely priceless. I have recommended Ricky to countless people and their experiences have been the same. He not only works with my daughter, but he communicates with me about what’s going on and gives me guidance in between visits. He is so so wonderful, I highly recommend!!!read more
Lindsay Walden
Lindsay Walden
19:06 13 Oct 20
Archway Therapy is amazing! Not only do they have a fabulous staff of clinicians able to work with a wide range of... client concerns, the owners are always looking to further the education and clinical knowledge of the staff. I should also mention that they are very LGBT friendly and affirming!read more
Kelsie Gould
Kelsie Gould
00:41 13 Oct 20
Working under the leadership of Kristen and James has been amazing. Every clinician specializes in certain things from... anxiety/depression to couples/marriage counseling to LGBT, amongst others. Each clinician truly cares about their clients and wants them to achieve their goals. All the clinicians are GREAT! No doubt this is the BEST place to get the BEST counseling service in ALL of St. Louis more
Beck “Keep Smylin22” S
Beck “Keep Smylin22” S
22:12 05 Aug 20
I’ve had the privilege to work with one of the therapists at a previous job. Ricky Cooper is an amazing therapist. He... is easy going and a great listener. He is always dependable and truly cares about the people he works with. He is intelligent and knowledgeable and overall an excellent more
Richard Haus
Richard Haus
16:03 25 Jul 20
I recently joined the practice and I’m glad I did!!!! The entire process has been smooth and Kristen has been super... helpful in providing guidance. The staff overall are just so down to Earth and are easy to get along with. Would definitely recommend the practice to other clinicians or people seeking more
Larry Marshall
Larry Marshall
15:09 25 Jul 20
Having conducted therapy sessions in a wide variety of settings and agencies I can say with confidence that working... under Kristen's leadership at Archway Therapy is by far the best workplace experience that I have ever known. I believe that it is the combination of Kristen's wisdom, business savvy, and heart that makes Archway Therapy both a remarkable and inspirational place to practice our craft. The team is a solid group of practitioners who bring unique combinations of therapy art and science to this practice. Among the great features of this work culture is the kindness that is always present in this therapeutic more
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