Larry Marshall

Larry Marshall

LPC, Clinical Staff

It’s been said that we are like travelers in a strange land, and that here at this place we are as far from home as we ever shall be. So, now in this life we seek to find that place within ourselves, that place of comfort and hope, that place we might call home. Lately though, or maybe for some time now you feel that some miles back you may have taken a wrong turn. You feel like something is off kilter, feeling a little lost sometimes, maybe even disillusioned or disoriented. You have tried several times to correct this state of affairs but somehow you find yourself in the same place. It’s as if you have been going in circles, and at times though the wheels seemed to be spinning you wake up to find you have not really moved at all. You sometimes feel that your efforts have only made the hole in which your stuck a little bit deeper. You think to call for road assistance or maybe even for a spirit guide. Maybe just a counselor who might point the way towards the path that might lead you to that comfort place, that authentic place of hope and home.

It would be my privilege to be your Counselor, to guide you towards the healing and/or growth that you might require. 

My approach to psycho-therapy is open and creative. Having worked with a wide variety of issues over my 38- years as a Professional Counselor I am comfortable working with a wide range of issues. Issues with which I have a wealth of experience include; 

  • The treatment of Adult and Child Sexual Abuse Survivors – Using Innovative approach called; Purging the Violation and Restoring Worth
  • The treatment of Sex Addiction/Porn Addiction
  • The treatment of Drug and Alcohol Addiction
  • The treatment of Anxiety and Depression
  • Couples Therapy Introducing a Jungian Approach to Couples Therapy called Couple Archetypes   
  • The treatment of PTSD             
  • Self-Growth Therapy
  • Parent Training on Obedience vs Accountability Parenting
  • The treatment of Oppositional Defiant Disorder
  • Treatment for Chronic Lying
  • Treatment for Increasing Self-Regulation Skill in Children
  • Treatment of Eating Disorders
  • Treatment of High-Risk Behavior in Children – Cutting, Self-Destructive Behavior. 

I believe in the idea of empowerment and strive to give hope by showing you something within you, something that maybe you did not see or know. I try to give you a map of your soul and show you exactly how it is that you arrived at your current destination. You lead me to your shadow places and as I listen to you, I learn about what it feels like to be there. Then I try to shine a light on what it is you can’t quite see and I identify what it is and how it works. This process makes us both students and teachers as we consider the issues upon which you wish to shed light. I will teach you how your relationship with your internal universe is so very critical to your happiness and quality of life. I will help you both clarify and alter your relationship with those characters that reside there within the kingdom of your mind. With this process I hope to help you heal wounds, restore power, and cultivate the kind of hope that leads to growth and contentment. 

My immediate purpose as your therapist is to bring you some measure of relief. While relief measures may vary there is some restoration of autonomy in having knowledge about how what it is that is troubling you works. This wisdom portion of therapy will bring you to the knowing place. From there we travel to correction and regulation skill building which is about doing something different. Finally, we arrive at the phase of therapy in which your new skills have become a part of your lifestyle and we design a way for you to maintain this new state of being more of who you authentically are, more connected with the deep inner meaning of you. 

Yes, therapy does seem like it will be a bit like taking a journey, one which may include both laughter and tears. But at journey’s end, somewhere in the light at the end of that proverbial tunnel I believe that we will both find that the trip was worthwhile. So, take the first step if you might. Give me a call and I will meet you on the path at that place where you might be stuck.  

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