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Depression Therapy – That Works!

You are not alone. Depression affects over 18 million people every year in the United States.

All is not lost. There is hope for change in your life.

You know that isolation and managing these feelings solo will not help you start living the peaceful life you deserve to live.

A relationship with a trained therapist is a must when dealing with the effects of depression and improving your outcomes.

Depression comes from a variety of sources in your life. It is our job at Greenway Therapy to find you a therapist that will meet your needs and help you identify what is really going on to cause your depression symptoms and then start the journey to feeling better.

We will help you manage and heal your depression symptoms, making you feel like you can be whole again, able to enjoy the things you love OR discover what you love for the first time.

The first thing to do is to give us a call or fill out the contact form on this page which will send us an e-mail. A therapist will get back to you within 24-business hours. If you would like, leave us a time that would be best to contact you.

At Greenway Therapy, proudly located in Saint Louis, we never let anyone experience the therapist run around. We will get you in to see a therapist in a reasonable amount of time and we respond to calls quickly.

Plan for your first phone call to take about 10-15 minutes, at the end of which we will get you set up for your first therapy appointment and provide you with other information you may need. We look forward to speaking with you!

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