Do you want to make permanent changes in your life? What kind of things do people who have made permanent changes do that work?

People who crafted their lives made a plan and are diligent in carrying it out.

Any specific outcome you seek is going to take some planning on your part in order to achieve. Is it weight loss, productivity, financial security or parenting you want to improve? You most like likely have a little bit of every category on your list.

First thing is first; decide what you want to improve and then create specific, measurable goals that will get you there.

Write it down, anywhere you like. What works for each person will vary. Some benefit from a list made on their phone and others may need something plastered to the fridge. Find what works for you by accessing your memory on what has worked and not worked in the past.

Brave the new.

Newness is uncomfortable but it is the only thing that brings change. Remember how much control you are giving yourself by moving through this process so that you feel empowered to push on. The best version of you lies on the other side of the fist couple weeks of change.

Set your goals in blocks of time.

Give yourself a timeline to follow. You can set your schedule up by creating quarters in the year or however you want. Giving yourself short bursts of time to reach small goals is a sneaky way to get yourself closer and closer to that ultimate picture every day.

Stay out of the gap.

As you move along your time line focus on where you were compare to where you are now verses where you are now to where you want to be. Noticing your own progress will help you maintain a feeling of accomplishment and abundance.



Avoid perfectionism like the plague.

Hello humanity. You are not going to achieve perfection and focusing on it will take you away from your ultimate goal which does not include being a superhuman. Use the 80/20 rule to cut yourself some slack. Consider 80% a perfect score leaving you room for a 20% allowance for error, procrastination or plain failure.

You have all the tools you need to make change, you can do It! Remember to take care of yourself too.