How to Handle Your Post COVID-19 Trauma

I keep hearing that my practice is going to get quite busy post COVID-19. Right now, Americans are held up in their homes, working, homeschooling, and providing tele-health (yours truly). About half of my clients are able to keep working and the other half are on hold until further notice. The government is diligently trying to provide aide where possible, but the aide they are providing is only a drop in the bucket compared to what is needed, and it only addresses the financial impact of COVID-19.

The financial impact of alone is enough to traumatize many Americans. If it helps, many of us are in the same boat. It will take time, but we will rebuild together.

(Click here to read a definition of Trauma)

Being home alone with your spouse, if you have already had a rocky relationship, may be bringing you face to face with your problems. You may be realizing for the first-time divorce needs to happen sooner rather than later or couples counseling is the place for you. Make a move on something. Talk to each other. Tele-therapy for couples counseling is a great start.

A common thread I’m seeing in session the past two weeks is COVID-19, social distancing and isolation is bringing Americans face to face with problems the so effectively avoided for years, sometimes a lifetime.

If stagnant, isolation has brought you face to face with yourself do something about it. Read, journal, define what needs to change. Not to be overly utopian, but this is an opportunity to deal with what you have been avoiding.

Another cross section of the population is afraid they are going to die. Some of you may even develop OCD behaviors or become germ phobic. If you feel like you are headed in that direction emotionally finding an EMDR, Brain Spotting or ART therapist will help a lot during and after the COVID-19 crisis. In the meantime, talk about your feelings with someone who will be reasonable and not perpetuate your fears. A productive exercise for fear is to BE PRESENT. Tune in to all your senses; what do you see, hear, taste, smell and feel? Repeat those things out loud and remind yourself you are safe NOW, and you are taking steps to live your life and stay safe.

Most of all, remember that this crisis does have an end. If you are reading this and the crisis has ended, remember that you made it! Everything that was once built can be rebuilt and new opportunities will grow out of the crisis.

Licensed therapists are ready to help you heal over Tele-therapy during COVID-19 or in person post COVID-19 isolation.