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Wow. This absolutely sucks.

You guys remember that one blog I wrote about COVID 19 and seeing you guys on the other side? I still believe every single thing I wrote, but with a twist. I got COVID. I’m recovered now, but let me tell you about what I feel made me get it. One word that is five powerful letter, STRESS.

To be honest this post is going to be a lot about me, but to teach you.

I’m not really good at teaching people things, but I believe I set good examples and give good advice. Well sometimes my good examples are bad examples of what not to do and I’m afraid that’s the case here. I set the tone and COVID crept right up and took advantage. But I should have seen this coming for weeks because of the lifestyle I live that kind of that endorses this illusioned version of healthy stress.

What gives me a false sense of accomplishment or autonomy that is really an imbalance?

Yeah you guessed it, STRESS. It helps us feel like we’re getting things done, like we have purpose, and it goes hand in hand with staying motivated . Or we believe it does.  And the thing is, we make it normal, we normalize stress because we give it purpose.

All I’m saying is don’t ignore those heavy eyes, that lingering headache, or the bank statement that shows fast food six days a week.

After all, it is important now more than ever to take care of our immune systems as it does not take a doctor to know about the relationship between our immune systems and stress. Our little unwanted friend always pays us a silent visit and sets up shop even in the good moments. For example, think about wedding planning. What is the thing that goes hand in hand with one of the supposed happiest days of a person’s life? Yep, that’s right. STRESS. On the other hand, it does have a nice side because it gives us precursors, we just choose to ignore it. I always wonder why though? Why ignore something that can be so deadly and has so much control? Now me asking why isn’t downplaying anything or taking into account that sometimes life just does not allow as we all lead much different lives here, but I hope the message is the same.


And if you can’t then at least do yourself the favor of acknowledging it may be time to sit down and reset before you reach rock bottom such as myself.

Author: Ricky Cooper, PLPC

black counselor

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