Couple’s counseling helps with whatever issues the couple brings to the table. Ultimately, couples counseling gets the relationship moving in a positive direction.

Here are some broad areas that get attention in relationship counseling to help your unique stuck points:

  • Communication
    • Learning new ways of having an argument
    • Learning how to show understanding and empathy-even when you don’t agree
    • Learning how to be a listener vs a reactor
  • Understanding yourself as well as your partner
  • Bringing to light the patterns in the relationship that are helpful and harmful
  • Understanding your unique backgrounds and how they contribute to the relationship as a whole
  • Learning to see past the content (who’s sock was where) of your issues to get to what attitudes, feelings and perceptions are really driving the proverbial relationship train (the why). Lookup content vs process to further understand this concept. It is a pivotal bit of information.

Relationship and marriage counseling MUST be sought out BEFORE the relationship is on the brink of failure for the best result. Use couples counseling as a tool to keep things healthy while you are still feeling the warm fuzzies toward your partner with a mild or moderate level of frustration or stuckness.


Kristen Craren, MEd, LPC, NBCC | Counseling in Clayton, MO

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