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Yes it works depending on several different things…

One: The relationship hasn’t gone too far-AKA it is still salvageable

I find many couples go to counseling when it is too late. Usually one person thought counseling was a waste of time a year or two prior or they are in counseling because one spouse/mate is trying to halt the split. Counseling for couples should be used BEFORE it gets too serious. These will be the times of big transitions and stress that usually couples try to push under the rug for years and years. If you have an issue now, speak up, it will not just go away.

Two: You have hired a skilled therapist

VET VET VET your therapist. Ask questions when you have your first call. Why do they do this work? How long have they been a therapist? What are their favorite tools for therapy with couples (may be Greek to you but it will make them think).

Three: Therapy isn’t a magic wand-BOTH partners have to buy in and NO ONE can be having an affair.

Affairs don’t necessarily break the relationship depending on who you are, BUT they will break therapy apart. Secrets don’t fly in therapy. If you have one foot out the door already, refer to #1. Maybe it is just too late. If it is and you still want to go to therapy, that is okay! Maybe therapy is just a part of the closure process you need. If you are more in that camp, check out discernment counseling.

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