What Happens in the Therapy Room?

The age of  your child will have an impact on what is going on behind those doors you patiently wait outside of. When kids ages 6-12 there is a lot going on that the trained eye can see but the layperson may view as just playing. Therapists that work with children will keep toys in their office, possibly a sand tray and items that are fun to touch.

Play is the Language of Childhood.

When children play they are playing out the things they see in their daily lives, it is also a way to communicate feeling about these events and also a way to form relationships. Therapists will play with your child to build up a trusting relationship with them and the play soon turns into an opportunity to work on the issues the child may be dealing with.

Time is of the essence in therapy with anybody and especially with children.

Adults often struggle with the relationship building process in therapy. This is often the time when clients will become “drop-outs” and stop coming. If you are in therapy yourself, always remember to talk about these feelings with the therapist. If you are a parent with a child in therapy, be mindful of the importance of your child ans the therapist being given the opportunity to build a trusted relationship. It is only after this bond is formed that the work can happen.

Be patient with your child and yourself. With time and a skilled therapist positive change will come!