Mental illness can be so frustrating. My tactic for all clients and myself is to try and take control of the variables you can manipulate. I don’t know what your mental illness is, but here are some ideas.

Variables you can control include:

Diet (eat good food!)

Gut Health (Get checked by a functional heal Dr. I love Dr. Matt Flory-he does remote sessions)

Exercise (anything is better than nothing)

Exposure to Triggers (is your environment toxic?)

Mindset (meditation, deep breathing, binural beats, check out my FB page for links)

If you are going to a psychiatrist for meds to help that is great but they often miss the big picture.

By looking at yourself in a holistic way you can create a feeling of more options which = feeling like you have more control.

Feeling like you have more control over your own mind in and of itself is healing.

Best of luck,

Kristen Craren, LPC