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Tarot cards can be used in therapy to help clients think about their feelings or thoughts. This form of tarot is different than fortune telling, instead of divining the future, my cards are used to help trigger the thoughts or feelings that may need a more abstract way to bubble up.

The cards have many different symbols and ideas which can speak to many truths. The symbols you find in the cards you choose are the ones that speak the loudest to what your mind is working on. For instance, have you ever had a bad breakup? Sometimes after a bad breakup every song on the radio can feel like it is talking about your pain. Everything seems to take on shadows of the person you love. This is because your mind is working to make since of your loss, even when you are not consciously aware of it. The symbols or ideas on the cards that speak the loudest to you tell us what your mind is working to make since of right now.

You are the interpreter. You will look at your own cards and tell me what you see and how you feel it might apply to your situation.  You know your own mind. I will help you think about the symbols that stand out, but the final decision about meaning is yours. If you want to give it a try by yourself, look at the cards at the top of the page. What stands out to you? What do those symbols, or ideas mean to you? Does it tell you anything? It might be easier with me there to help you think, and with a full deck of cards to choose from, but you see how it works.

Not everyone needs or wants to use the cards. This is a skill I use with people I have been working with long enough to feel comfortable wading into interpretation of symbols with.

Kristen Craren
Witten By Kristen Craren

Kristen Craren is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Clinical Director at Greenway Therapy . Learn more about her on her BIO page.